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The return of the legend.

Gordon roadster

The return of the legend.

Stick out the mile,
be a part of the Gordon Roadster legend.

From the designer

Auto Projekt Centrum s.r.o. have been producing a powerful and stylish two-seater roadster with the folding roof fully corresponding to requirements of the present drivers since 1997. Really, Gordon is fast and agile sports automobile with excellent technical parameters, and driving the car is the unique experience equalling to the feeling of the drivers from the automobile’s golden era with the comfort of the contemporary vehicles. I can make you sure that you will never drive without arousing attention and admiring gazes. Now, a new era begins with the return of the legend under Automobilové závody Gordon s.r.o.

Contrary to many competitors, the Gordon structure uses the latest technical components such as an aluminium frame with the car body combined from laminate parts and mouldings from steel sheets. Both axles feature trapezoidal wheel suspension on a pair of triangle links, springing with adjustable coil springs, disc brakes with inner cooling, and wired wheels. Comfy interior of the car features leather upholstery and cladding from walnut or mahogany wood. Included in the features of the car is the safety frame, demountable side windows, folding roof, and many other luxury-inducing elements.

Among others, Gordon is unique because each single car has been made according to peculiar requirements of our customers who can opt from a wide range of optional equipment as well as body colour and interior. In view of the fact that experienced drivers, who come with a clear vision about appearance of their new sweetheart are our customers, we offer an unrivalled option of a driving test based on which they may choose from the engine configuration and equipment. The customers are also welcomed during the production phases to see the production progress. A photo gallery may accompany a new Gordon for the owner from across the production process.

Despite each car is an original one of a kind, none should be fear of any repair because all important components such as engine, transmission, brakes, and other components originate from renowned manufacturers and therefore, they are available almost worldwide. All the rest original components have been designed to be repairable, or reproducible by a skilled technician in a standard repair shop.

All newly manufactured Gordon is handed over to the customer following thorough adjustment at the seat of the company in Roudnice nad Labem with a complete set of documents according to applicable laws. Then, two-year warranty period commences. For maximum comfort of our customers AZG s.r.o. can deal with potential troubles with the car at the customer’s address by sending out the mechanics.

In the end, let me please thank you for your interest in Gordon Roadster and invite you, should you be interested, to our commercial unit in Plzeň.

Sincerely yours
Ing. Vladimír Friml
Chief designer of AZG s.r.o.

Gordon Roadster

Gordon Roadster and its use.

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Gordon Roadster vs. Morgan Plus 4

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Car structure, engine, transmission


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