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Comparison of cars

Comparison of Gordon Roadster vs. Morgan Plus 4

Comparison with small-lot production of sports cars.

  • unique roadster body design with Czech body legacy of the early 1930s
  • inspiration by the exterior body design of Aero 30/50 Roadster
  • exclusivity of the Gordon make resulting from low number of the cars produced so far
  • balanced proportions of the body, stylish door shape, front and rear mudguards
  • stylish details of the body’s exterior and interior
  • in-house design of door handles and bonnets, fuel tank lid (bronze castings, chrome coat)
  • chrome coated covers of bumpers according to in-house design
  • in-house design of the dashboard controls, in-house design of the rotary hangers of the textile roof’s mechanism
  • individual customer approach upon ordering of the car for production, presentation of the production process
  • photo gallery from the car production upon customer request
  • the engine-gearbox assembly service in the PSA service network across the globe
  • the car has been designed to be serviceable by a skilled mechanic in a standard repair shop
  • the customer may monitor the production of their car in person as in renovations of the veteran cars
  • the customer may purchase the brand period clothes, sports accessories, cosmetics, and stylish personal accessories
  • in 1998 the Gordon Club was established, and some Gordon car owners are the members of the club
  • the central part of the chassis consists of the Al monocoque welded from aluminium profiles and sheets

Comparison with Morgan Plus 4

  • Gordon uses the chassis with l-monocoque reinforced by the front and rear auxiliary steel frame. The car shows higher torsional rigidity as a whole. Morgan uses standard ladder frame with two steel stringers. The steel stringers are mounted under the rear axle, which limits the springing lifts of the rear axle.
  • Gordon has independent suspension of both front and rear wheels; Morgan has rear rigid axle guided by leaf springs
  • independent suspension of all Gordon wheels with optional setting of the chassis geometry across a wide range for adaptation of the driving properties of the vehicle upon request of the customer. Morgan has fixed axle geometry.
  • adjustable springing units of all wheels allow for the car ground clearance adjustment upon request of the customer
  • Electric servo-driving in Gordon as standard. Morgan has no servo-driving as standard. It can be installed by an external company.
  • therefore, Gordon offers advanced driving properties
  • the body of the Gordon Roadster car shows finer shapes compared to Morgan, e.g. shape of the front and rear mudguards, more stylish incorporation of the body accessories, e.g. rear lamps, door handles, ...
  • The design of Aero 30/50 Roadster, being followed by the design of Gordon Roadster, dates back to 1932, and the production of Aero 30 started in 1934. The production of Aero 50 Roadster with longer front bonnet started one year later in 1935. Compared to this, Morgan produced their first roadster in 1936. Before that, Morgan produced the sports tricycles.