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Gordon Roadster

Gordon Roadster and its use.

GORDON make car is the sports roadster with the chic style of the 1930s and the latest modern technology for a narrow group of the customers in style. GORDON make car is the powerful and stylish two-seater roadster with folding roof fully corresponding to requirements of contemporary drivers. GORDON make car is really fast and agile sports car with excellent technical parameters. Driving the car is the unique experience equalling to the feeling of the drivers from the automobile’s golden era with the comfort of the contemporary vehicles. I can make you sure that you will never drive without arousing attention and admiring gazes.

Among others, GORDON make car is unique because each single car has been made according to peculiar requirements of our customers who can opt from a wide range of optional equipment as well as body colour and interior. Mostly those with a clear vision about appearance of their new sweetheart are our customers. We assume that involvement of the customers in the production of the car will be high as all its features, with the exception of the chassis, body, and driveline, would be delivered customized based on wishes of the customers both in design as well as materials and colours used. A photo gallery may accompany a new car for the owner from across the production process. Each car is a handwork original one of a kind, none should be fear of any repair because all important components such as engine, transmission, brakes, and other components originate from renowned manufacturers and therefore, they are available almost worldwide. All the rest original components have been designed to be repairable, or reproducible by a skilled technician in a standard repair shop. Each new GORDON car is delivered to the customer only after driving in about 1,000km following thorough adjustment of the car. Only thereafter, two-year warranty period commences. For maximum comfort of our customers, we can deal with potential troubles with the car at the customer’s address by sending out the mechanics.

In addition to the repair works, which are the commonplace, the rendered services will in particular relate to stylish delivery of the car directly to the client on period trailer (subject to geographical possibilities), visit of the assembly hall and presentation of the production process to the customer, above-than-standard involvement of the customer in the production of their car in various formats, e.g. attendance during production of their car, selection of the materials and of optional equipment.

The optional equipment will in particular include the period clothes (leather helmet, company jacket), sport aids (classic glasses, leather gloves), cosmetics, and other accessories (pipe, leather suitcase bag, golf bag). All the accessories will be identified by GORDON registered mark. We assume launching of limited series of some components of the accessories on the market.

Vast majority of the GORDON cars is a member of Gordon Club. The GORDON car’s production is mainly based on components from supplies, which means that the production plant will mainly focus on assembly of the delivered components.
The Gordon Roadster car’s frame consists in Al-monocoque in the central part manufactured by welding of Al profiles and sheets. Attached to the monocoque is the pedal group, steering column, seats, safety belts and their buckles, and safety bar. Screwed in the front to the monocoque is the front auxiliary frame that holds the engine, steering brackets, and front axle link. Screwed in the rear to the monocoque is the rear auxiliary frame that holds the suspension of the rear wheels. Through replacement of the front and rear auxiliary frame, the modular design of the car frame allows us to quickly develop a new car with different axles and different engine bearing (front transverse bearing, rear transverse bearing, front or rear electric motor, hybrid engine). The most important is that Al-monocoque remains unchanged, the approval tests for fixing of the seats as well as installation of the safety belts, and the steering column fitting remain valid.

The Gordon Roadster cars produces so far have used the Ford engine-gearbox assemblies. The first series Gordon Roadster 1.8 16V featured 4-cylinder Ford Zetec-E 1.8 16V, 96kW (130H) engine. The engine complied with the Euro 2 emission standard. The second series Gordon Roadster 3.0 V6 featured 6-cylinder Ford Duratec-ST 3.0 V6, 16kW (226H) engine. The engine largely complied with the Euro 4 emission standard, and the measured emission level still complies with Euro 6 standard.

In 2010, Auto Projekt Centrum s.r.o. in cooperation with Západočeská univerzita in Plzeň developed the light electric version of Gordon Roadster with EHR 10 (Electric Hot Rod) label. In September 2010, the joint design team achieved shared first rank with the car in the most interesting Czech car prototype competition. During the driving tests, the prototype managed to cover 230km range per one recharging.

The design team of Auto Projekt Centrum s.r.o. can modify the Gordon Roadster car for use with a different engine-gearbox assembly according to desire of the customer, and to adapt the other components to the service conditions in a country. The design of the body and car interior will remain unchanged. Should a contract be concluded, we can assist in starting up the production.

Plzeň on 29 October 2015